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Our heroes met by fate and accepted a quest to slay kobold bandits residing in the ruin of an old manor in the
Cloak Wood. The heroes seek to reclaim stolen dragon hide for the dwarf armorer Teldorthan Ironhews, as well
as claim the bounty on the bandits that have been menacing the old King's Road. However, they were warned
by the old wizard Nimozaran to be cautious in the ruins, for he believes that something more sinister is behind
the kobold's attacks. The adventurers will learn just how right he was!


After recovering slightly from their battle with the kobolds and their drakes, the adventurers head down more
stairs to come face to face with none other than the Skull Kicker's leader Frostskull! As they prepare to engage
the kobolds, they hear a crash and the sound of splintering timbers! A giant boulder crashed into the chamber
and began rolling around a small trench in the center of the chamber from atop which kobold slingers peppered the
party with glue bombs to stick them into the boulder's path. Most of the kobolds attacked Turrik who challenged
them all with a mighty battle cry. Thane became locked in a shootout with the slingers, while Morthos attacked
Frostskull with the full fury of his infernal spellcraft. Jasper and Hiyal struggled to keep the party alive and fighting.
In the end the heroes triumphed over the kobolds. Morthos claimed the rod used by Frostskull as his own, using it
to increase the potency of his various curses. All was well and they were ready to pack up and head home to
Fallcrest when Thane spotted an abnormality in the stonework of the northwestern wall.

Pressing a hidden switch in the wall opened a door which lead to tunnels that ran deep beneath the ruined manor.
The heroes, sensing nothing good could lie down there, bunkered down in the small room the kobold slingers had
occupied to rest fully and recover their strength. After a long rest, the party roused their courage and prepared to
journey down the tunnel. As they descended the long tunnel, it progressively got colder, until, when the tunnel
finally made way into a large cavern, it was freezing. As the party entered the cavern they noticed a large white,
serpentine figure emerge from the shadows behind a stalagmite - a dragon! The dragon called himself
Szartharrax, lord of the Skull Kickers, and offered the adventurers a chance to beg for mercy before he
devoured them. The heroes tried to parley with the dragon, but it was no use. Then Szartharrax attacked!

The battle was long and hard. The heroes might not have survived if it were not for the efforts of Hiyal, who sacrificed
himself to place a powerful spell on the dragon that healed the wounds of his allies whenever they damaged
Szartharrax. Morthos, in an unexpected act of bravery, ran to the aid of the fallen deva, pulling him from the battle.
Then, through sheer force of will rather than skill, he brought Hiyal back from the brink. Szartharrax had up until
this point mostly been focused on the dwarf who had been hacking his scales off with mighty cleaves of his axe.
Then Thane, deciding for a more direct approach, lept up behind the dragon and stabbed it deep in the flank. Letting out
a roar of pain, Szartharrax thundered after the rogue, but not before letting loose a blast of icy air freezing Turrik and
Jasper. Turrik, though encased in ice, saw an opening from the distracted dragon, and through stubborn grit broke
free of his icy casing and chopped the dragon hard in the side before coming around and beheading the creature.
Jasper, in a symbolic gesture to claim victory, limped over and held aloft the head of the fallen dragon - cementing the
party's reputation forever as Dragonslayers! The party then raided the dragon's expansive treasure horde. Most notable
among its possessions was a magic longsword, which Jasper took and promised to use to keep his new allies safe from
all foes. Their victory was short-lived, however, when Morthos translated the frozen note they found in the chest among
the dragon's horde. Signed "Irontooth", it was a call-to-arms uniting the monsters of the Vale against the civilized towns
for some dark master left unnamed.


The party recovered its strength and headed back to Fallcrest to claim their reward. Turrik returned the dragonhide to
Teldorthan, who in turn gave Turrik an ancient dwarven weapon that had been passed down his family line for generations.
He told Turrik he had the air of destiny about him and would put it to better use than he ever had. Hiyal bid farewell to his
newfound friends, and left to meditate on what he witnessed during his state of near death. Morthos informed Nimozaran
of the dragon Szartharrax and the note they found in his horde. In a way of thanking the dragonslayers, Nimozaran gave
a pair of magic boots to the group, which were claimed by Thane. Nimozaran, after reading the note found in
Szartharrax's treasure chest, commented that an old friend of his, famed explorer Douven Staul, had headed into
Winterhaven, the place where this "Irontooth" was uniting monsters, a few months ago. Based on this note,
Nimozaran feared that some hideous fate had befallen the adventurer and requested the heroes travel to Winterhaven to
find and if possible, rescue him! And so our heroes prepared for the long journey north to seek their destiny in Winterhaven!

The adventure continues in Session 3 and the next chapter: Keep on the Shadowfell!