After being ambushed while escorting a caravan of goods from Harkenwold to Fallcrest, the dwarf Turrik, along with a few
other surviving members of the caravan, made it into Fallcrest to report the loss of the goods. Going first to the Blue Moon
Alehouse, Turrik intended to absorb some liquid courage before looking for the would-be recipients of the stolen goods.
While there, he overheard two dwarves discussing the lateness of a piece of green dragonhide that was supposed to be
delivered to him from Harkenwold that day. Downing one more pint,Turrik approached the two to claim responsibility for the
loss of the goods. One of the dwarves introduced himself as Teldorthan Ironhews,a local blacksmith. He held Turrik
honor-bound to return to him his dragonhide, and stated that the kobolds who had ambushed his caravan had become a
real nuisance lately. The other dwarf, Sergeant Murgeddin, informed Turrik that the Lord Warden had recently posted
a bounty on the kobolds that had yet to be claimed. If Turrik was going after the dragonhide, he might as well collect
a bounty on kobolds he would have to kill to get it. Meanwhile, the three dwarves were not aware that their conversation
was being listened to by the bard playing on the stage.

Elsewhere in Fallcrest, local farmer Jasper Madigan was heading to the same alehouse for a drink before returning home
after a fair day's profit at the market green. While there, he overheard the conversation of the dwarves, and having seen the
bounty posted earlier that week, decided that it might be time to don his old armor and take care of the problem. Jasper
finished his drink and loaded up his wagon to return to his farm to prepare for the task he was about to undertake. The next
day he would seek audience with the Lord Warden about the kobold bounty.

In another part of the town, Thane was returning from his latest trip for the importer Naerumar. With no other jobs from his employer at the
present time, Thane wandered around town looking for something to occupy his interest and perhaps make him a bit of money during his
downtime. Thane eventually came to the Lucky Gnome Taphouse, known around Fallcrest as being not only a seedy haven for ner-do-wells,
but also a thieves' den and watering hole for porters and dock workers. Kelson, the owner usually kept Thane informed on the goings on around
town, but had no new news for Thane this night. Sorely disappointed at the lack of anything to do in town, Thane retired to his room in the second
floor of Naerumar's. It was on his way that he noticed the bounty posted to the town message post. He did not, however, notice the shadowy
figure examining it just before he arrived.


The next day, Turrik headed out of his room at the Nentir Inn, intent on being seen by the Lord Warden about the bounty on the kobolds.
It was then that Turrik was approached by the bard from the previous night, a deva who introduced himself as Hiyal. Hiyal told Turrik that he had
overheard his plight and had decided to accompany him on his quest. Noting that the deva appeared well armed and claimed to be relatively
skilled in the arcane, Turrik accepted. Upon arriving at Moonstone Keep, the pair noticed a local farmer convincing the guards to let him in to
see the Lord Warden. The man was persuasive, and the guards allowed him entry without an appointment; Turrik and Hiyal informed him that
they were there on the same business and were allowed entry as well. Neither guard nor adventurer noticed that four shadows traveled through
the gate behind the three heroes.

They were escorted to a large room at the rear of the keep where the met the Lord Warden deep in conversation with an old man in long, green
robes. They informed the Lord Warden that they were there for more information regarding the bounty on the Skull Kicker clan kobolds. Upon
hearing this, the old man began to warn them of the danger. According to him, these were no ordinary kobolds - they were organized and had been
hitting select targets. He believed something far more sinister than mere kobold bandits was at work here. It was at this point that a tiefling calling
himself Morthos stepped out of the shadows in the corner of the room. Stating that he was well versed in the arcane, he requested to accompany
the party for a share of the gold. Not phased by the goings on in his chamber, the Lord Warden offered the party ten pieces of gold per kobold head
returned to him, plus an additional one hundred gold pieces if they brought to him the the head of their chief, Frostskull. The old man, who
introduced himself as Nimozaran the Green, High Septarch of Fallcrest, also advised that they be cautious, and gave the party a map of where he
believed the kobolds were holed up at. Meanwhile, Thane was becoming entangled at the gates with attempting to get the guards to allow him entry.

Leaving the Lord Warden's chambers, Jasper spotted Thane outside and informed him of the quest they were about to undertake. Thane
said that he was on his way to see about the bounty himself and asked his old friend if he might come as well. After equipping themselves for the trip
ahead, the party headed out to an abandoned manor in the Cloak Wood to slay the bandits, collect a bounty, and recover lost goods.


After a two-day journey west, the party came upon the old manor around dusk. After exploring the burned-out ruin, they eventually found a trap door
leading down. Lighting a torch, they proceeded down the steps. The room was slightly illuminated by a glowing green substance in a pit in the center
of the chamber. At the other end of the room, a kobold guard shrieked at the sight of their torch-light. The heroes easily dispatched the kobold guards,
but were barred further passage by a portcullis just barely large enough for the small kobolds to move through. Turrik, with aid from Hiyal and Jasper,
managed to lift the portcullis from the ground, thus allowing the party to continue.

Down a short hallway, the party came to a long room apparently used by the mansion's original owner as a burial chamber. Four coffins lied around
the middle of the room, and at the end of the room was a makeshift altar of some sort. The kobolds gathered around it rushed towards the heroes
with wild abandon. The party rushed to meet them, but were hampered in their efforts by darts being fired from suits of armor along the walls. The
kobolds, too small to set off the trigger stones, attempted to coerce the heroes into the trap. The party defeated the kobolds, but before they could slay
the last one it broke and ran. The party gathered their wits and gave chase, careful not to set off the trap. Not before taking the gold pieces the kobolds
had left on the altar (apparently as an offering to what they recognized as Tiamat from the symbol etched into the stone)

The next room, like the first, contained a pit in the center filled with a glowing green substance. The kobolds here were ready for the heroes as the
group descended the steps into the chamber. They had been busy with a game of "skull skull" when the kobold who ran from the previous room
warned them of the party's arrival. The kobolds used a skull covered in the green goo attached to a rope hung from the center of the ceiling to bash
the party as they approached the platform where the kobolds had been playing. As the heroes battled their way closer, the kobolds opened doors
leading back to the stairs up to the platforms, behind which emerged two guard drakes which mangled Turrik who had been battling the closest.
Jasper, attempting to rouse the unconscious dwarf, fell to a "skull skull" to the back of the skull. Hiyal managed to revive the party just in time for
them to finish off the kobolds, but was badly injured in the process. Aided by the healing magic in Hiyal's music, the party took only a short moment
to recover before heading into the next chamber.

Beyond the next set of stairs the group would either become heroes or meet their end! The adventure comes to its exciting conclusion in Session 2 of Kobold Hall...